AC Milan was lucky to get a goal from a throw-in over 10 meters

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AC Milan ‘s first goal in their 3-1 win over Empoli was controversial. Because it was clearly from a lot of eating

AC Milan had to get the first goal of the game until 79 minutes. The starting point came from Sandro Tonali. Who threw a long distance for Rafael Leao, not offside, and then finished with a simple goal with Ante Rebic following. With an argument between two trainers, Paolo Zanetti and Stefano Pioli

social media There was a stoppage as the ball rolled out of the field at the point where Pioli sent the ball to Tonali, 10.64 meters apart. Which was considered a foul play ufabet of course that the referee had the right to blow a new throw-in at the point. correct Or change the throw to the other side at all.

However, when an error was made by referee Gianluca Aureliano and the lineman’s assistant at the scene. I have to hold on to that result because VAR can’t intervene in a throw-in stroke at the side of the field. Can only make offside checks or foul strokes in the penalty area only.

On the team’s growth: “This is a game that two years ago we would not have won. With a minute to go we found the right motivation to go for the 2-1. We have grown a lot, we always want to win.”

On Rebic’s goal: “If I wait and look at where the team is, the coach eats me up (smiles). I took the throw-in straight away and served Leao.”